Equipment You Need

Before you utilise horsepower in a whole new way there are a few bits of essential equipment you need to keep things safe for horse, horse rider and even the boarder.

  • Horse Rider Safety belt & Safety Leash

  • HBUK Saddle Harness

  • All Terrain Board

  • Rope & Handle with quick release

  • Horse-Rider & Boarder Helmets

  • Safety Goggles

Basic Set-Up

Let's Get Rolling

Horse Rider Safety Belt & Safety Leash

The Horse rider safety belt goes around the Horse riders waits

​HBUK Saddle Harness

The Saddle harness or S.A.L.T Harness Mk3 is a specially designed system made to fit most saddles.


The S.A.L.T Harness uses the strength of the saddles tree to minimise pull on the horse. 

Both the rope and safety belt attach to the D-ring on the back of the harness.


Rope & Handle with quick release

All Terrain Board

Safety Goggles

Horse-Rider & Boarder Helmets